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Lines of Power: Charged Owls

Xerox prints. Dimensions variable. 2013.

'99 Problems 1'(R) with 'Runningmates'(L)
Appropriated photographic elements. Xerox print. 10'x6'. 2012.
Celebrity Products/Remixes
Vinyl prints on found objects. Dimensions variable. 2011.

Dark Light: Sign Graveyard

6'x9'. 36 digital photographs (Lightjet Prints). 2011.

Image Archive for Health Care Reform
(A collaboration with PICO National Network's Seth and Hannah Gravette and Steve Skibbie)
Mixed media, video, and lightjet prints. Each 8"x10". 2010.
Braving the Storm at Indian Rocks Beach
80 Lightjet prints with mixed media. 2006.
Far from Near
Digital photo with redwood frame. 10' x 6' decreasing to 1' at base. 2002.
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